The Quarter Mile
the quarter mile
The Quarter Mile programs are extremely effective because they motivate students to do an incredible amount of math practice in a short period of time with very focused topics.
Topics: Grades K-9 (Ages 5 to 15)
Users: Pre-K to Adult
Seven different programs
The award winning format is...

    able to detect the smallest improvements and give positive reinforcement
    non-intimidating and non-age-specific
    appropriate for both genders
    as effective for students with special needs as it is for accelerated students
    perfect for kindergartners and adults.
  "I'm a Title 1 teacher and I love this program."
Barbara Bowen, Chico, CA
  "I told my principal that it's non-negotiable if you want me, I have to have this software."
Bob Pratt, Assistant Principal, P.B.C.S.D., FL
  “I have 300 kids hooked like you wouldn’t believe…. Your program is inspiring…. It’s great.”
John Gouin, Educator, Coconut Creek, FL
  "The kids love it.... Their grades are definitely improving. Almost half of my students got A's and B's.... They're doing better than I've ever seen.... I have kids every day at lunch doing that [program].... They really want to do it.... I've been really impressed.... Kids who have never done anything else for me will do this forever."
Wendy Carlson, Teacher, Carmichael, CA

"You get four or five times more [math practice] per unit of time using this program versus others."
Peter Kaplan, Teacher, Sarasota, FL

  "I taught junior high math for 31 years and I would have killed for this program…. I think it’s an awesome product.”
Jean Rhinehart, Educator, The Summit Country Day School, Cincinnati, OH
  "The kids who hate math love this."
Vic Hugo, H.B.U.S.D., Huntington Beach, CA
  "[The Quarter Mile] is marvelous...very excellent.... It's a teacher's goldmine."
Mary Ann Klemkosky, Tech. Coor. for USD, Pottsville, PA
  "I'm loving it.... The kids are engaged....
I'm ecstatic and my administrator is ecstatic."
Andrew Needle, Teacher Van Nuys, CA
  "It's the first [math software program] I've seen that really does all I want it to do."
Jessica Baldwin, Teacher, Las Vegas, NV
  "The kids beg me, they bribe me to be able to play.... Of all the programs, that's the one they love the best.... They'll stay after school [to use it.]. It's phenomenal."
LaVenia Rilington, School Dept. Chair, Savannah, GA
  "It's the best software we have.... The kids like that better than anything.... We're using it in every grade level. We love this program." Geraldine Yates, Teacher, Concord, NC  
  "Absolutely the best piece of math software that we have.... Even our most unmotivated students (including [Title 1], at risk, etc.) want to give up their lunch time to play The Quarter Mile."
Mary White, Teacher, Redondo Beach, CA
  "That's the best software purchase we've made. The Quarter Mile is the most popular math program with the students."
Michael Serbinski, Teacher/Administrator, Baudette, MN
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"Cream of the Crop"
Annual Technology Review
Instructor Magazine

"An invaluable classroom resource" Institute for School Innovation
"Best Software"
The Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine
All Star Award
Children's Software Review
"Mathematics Company of the Year"
The Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine

Five Hearts
Highest Rating From Mary Pride

Practical Homeschooling Magazine & Pride's Guide to Educational Software

"The Quarter Mile series is the best math drill software we have ever seen....
I cannot praise [it] too highly."
Mary Pride

Best Math Drill Software
Best Middle School Math Software
Best Pre-School Math Software
Practical Homeschooling Magazine
  “I love the Quarter Mile…. It’s the answer to prayer.… The Quarter Mile is the best out there. There’s no peer for math drill.“
Julia Quinn, Homeschooling parent, San Antonio, TX
  "All three of my girls are using it.... It's a fantastic program."
Jill Lavilla, Homeschooling parent, Acworth, GA
  “[The Deluxe Version (formerly known as “Internet-Portal”) is] really helping them. I have six kids and we’re using it every day…. We love it.””
Mary Phalen, Homeschooling parent,
Syracuse, NY
  "We absolutely love it.... We cannot do school without it.... We use it every day.... I recommend it to all my friends that homeschool.... It's so much better than flash cards.... They love this.... We're very glad that we purchased this."
Kephanie Chen, Homeschooling parent, Ringgold, GA
"We love it.... All six of us."
Jerome Perlstrom, Homeschooling parent, Brooklyn NY
  "These girls are loving it."
Koosah Johnston, Cararillo, CA
  "There's so much in it.… We can use it for years…. My kids won't leave it alone."
Mary Olsen, Homeschooling parent,
Pendleton, OR
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